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Introduction of the Medical & Nursing School

The Medical & Nursing School, Chengdu University, with its main focus on nursing education, has been validated as one of the schools designated the responsibility to cultivate and train urgently needed talents of skill-oriented nursing profession.
In 2012, the Medical & Nursing School got the approval from the Ministry of Education to enroll clinical medicine student. This is a milestone for the development of the Medical & Nursing School,which helps to complete the disciplinary system of the university, facilitate the development coordinately and enhance our teaching and research in medical and life science. Meanwhile, it will provide a chance for the Chengdu University and its affiliated hospital to provide better service for the local health system.
The Medical & Nursing School was founded in 2006, but nursing program in the school was originated in 1952. The nursing program underwent the development changed from secondary professional education to associated degree education, to baccalaureate education. Our graduates widely spread in China and overseas. Now the school offers two levels of full-time programs: programs for bachelor degree and associated degree. It has won trust and reputation from the society, and accumulated great potential for the development of the young school.

The school is located in Shiling Town, Chengdu, with convenient public transportation access and beautiful environment. It has an isolated comprehensive medical teaching building, which cost nearly 60million Yuan for infrastructure and occupies  23094.57㎡, among which 2040㎡ is for teaching, 11711.57㎡ is for experiment and training. It can accommodate 2000 students for learning and practice at the same time.  Well-equipped with qualified teaching staff, modern and advanced teaching facilities and instruments, and superior on-campus skill center and clinical bases, the school guarantees the students an advantageous environment for studying and living. The school has also built a bridge for the students to practice and work abroad, which broadens the students’ choices of practice, employment, further study and individual prospect.
Undergraduate program:
Clinical Medicine                             5y         bachelor
Nursing                                             4y         bachelor
Associated degree program
Nursing                                            3y         diploma
Pharmaceutics                                 3y          diploma
Experimental Stomatology             3y          diploma
Chinese Traditional Medicine        3y          diploma
Our school has 65 teaching staffs, among which 5% are professor, 35% are associated professors and 51% of them have intermediate academic titles. The school has 10teachers who have philosophy degree, and 25 teachers who have master degree. All of the teachers have a common goal- to devote themselves to talent cultivation, simultaneously self-improvement. The teachers are active in research and teaching quality promotion.  Their research areas involve:
1、Angiogenesis and Rheumatism;
2、 Anticancer Drug Resistance;
3、Academic Management Organizational Ethics;
4、 Management of Nursing Education;
5、Management of Medical Information;
6、 Pharmacology and Clinics of Chinese Materia Medica;
7、Etiology and Prevention of Periodontal Disease,;
8、Traditional Chinese Medicine Nursing and Traditional Chinese Medicine Beauty;
9、 Neural Stem Cells;
10、 Liver Transplantation;
11、 Acupuncture &Traditional Chinese Medicine;
12、Development and Utilization of Chinese Medicine Resources;
13、Chinese Medicine Microbial Resources;
14、 Formation Mechanism of Authentic;
15、 Physical Anthropology and Teaching Evaluation;
16、Neural Molecular Biology and Cell Biology  etc.
The teachers have undertaken various levels of research project in the past few years. More than 200 articles and 50 monographs have been published publicly.
Brief introduction of Clinical Medicine Specialty
Clinical medicine is a science has very high practical application. It is dedicated to training the expertise that masters basic medicine, basic theory of clinical medicine and basic skills of medical prevention, and can be engaged in the medical care and prevention, medical research at the medical and health units, medical and scientific research departments. To acquire the abilities on classification and identification of human disease etiology and pathogenesis, our students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of the medicine, and basic training about human disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention.
Main courses: Anatomy, Histology and Embryology , Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology, Preventive medicine, Immunology, Diagnostics, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Brief introduction of Nursing Specialty
In order to meet the demands of society in 21st century, the Medical & Nursing School is dedicated to cultivating quality nursing graduates with comprehensive capabilities, with basic knowledge, basic skills and basic competencies in nursing field, namely competencies in clinical nursing, community nursing, management of nursing education and nursing research, etc. We also focus on the training of student’s critical thinking and ego development capabilities. At the same time, the Medical & Nursing School has established bilingual programs on undergraduate education level, so as to expand overseas employment opportunities for our graduate.
The core curricula are as follows: Anatomy, Physiology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Introduction of Nursing, Nursing Ethics, Health Assessment, Fundamental of Nursing, Medical Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Gynecologic & Obstetric Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, and Community Nursing etc.
Nursing Skill Center
We attach great importance to the establishment of our Nursing Skill Training Center. Characterized by cultivating practical talent with high quality and guided by the advanced philosophy of nursing education, the Medical & Nursing School has integrated the need of clinical nursing development into its nursing skill training. The Nursing Skill Training Center is an integration of practical training, simulation and virtual function, equipped with a variety of first-class equipment. The total area of the Nursing Skill Training Center amounts to 1650 ㎡.
The design of the Nursing Skill Training Center embodies the combination of holistic nursing care and humane concern, learning probing and cultural inherit, teamwork and individual development, social demand and professional ability, prospect appearance and harmonious function. The Nursing Skill Training Center provides good conditions for improving students’ professional abilities and skills and creative practice teaching mode.
Clinical Practice
Clinical practice is another important learning experience for medical students. The school owns some practical teaching bases with wide coverage and high teaching level, including the Affiliated Hospital of Chengdu University, the West China Hospital, the People’s Hospital of Sichuan Province, the 1st to the 9th Hospital of Chengdu, etc. More than 20 hospitals and community healthcare centers provide good clinical teaching and practical training for the students. In order to widen their horizon and improve their international ability of competition, the school also set up a new practical platform abroad, which is popular with the students and their parents.  Meanwhile, the school sent its staffs and students to attend varies international conferences, for example, “West China International Nursing Conference, 2011”. One of our students was the only one undergraduate student who gave speech at the conference.
International Exchange
In order to broaden the view of nursing education and cultivate high level nursing personnel with international competence, our school attaches great importance to overseas exchange and cooperation. We have exploited these programs, namely, cooperation teaching, academic exchange, faculty training and students exchange, etc. We also have achieved staff training program with the Nursing School, Waikato Institute of Technology, New Zealand, and the School of Nursing of Hanz University, Holland.  Moreover,we have invited many overseas scholars to lecture in our school, such as Prof. Stoner from California State University, U.S.A, San Bernardino, Prof. Judith from Faculty of Nursing, University of Manitoba, Canada as well as the dean of Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University, Thailand etc.

Address: Chengdu City East Shiling Town of Chengdu University teaching building ninth telephone (fax):028-84814359 
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